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Blogs are of increasing relevance in Education because social interactions mediated by language (but not restricted to language), offer students the opportunity to express their ideas on a social plane. Edublogs empower individuals to participate in social construction of knowledge. Blogging supports the internalisation of knowledge by allowing students to re-view archived posts and reflect on what they have written and the comments provided by their peers or teachers. Blogs are easy to build and do not require an FTP access to update files. Being easily updatable, self categorising with in built content management tools it aids in communicating, interacting, building relationships and sharing of information and knowledge.

Our Smart blog is a Knowledge Sharing tool for the virtual community that is built around schools and thereby unmatched for fostering a participatory learning environment. It becomes a bulletin board for communication between school, teachers, parents and students, providing the space for publication of information related to school policies, events, programmes, class sessions etc can be posted using this application. Accelerated participation and interactive learning equips it to function as a one stop information resource for the entire academic community. It is possible to integrate other enhancements like video streaming to mobiles, Podcasting, discussion forums, chat rooms making the teaching-learning experience a mutually beneficial exercise.

User Registration Module I Integrated authoring environment I Multi- user authoring I Powerful administrative controls I User friendly I Easy Operation I Open Source based I Advanced Search Options I Ability to upload Videos & Images I Easy linking with Discussion Forums & Blogs I Postings in Chronological order I Dynamic updation of Content I Linking to Podcasting, Mobiles I Sub domain extension to all students I Unlimited student listing I Unlimited Blogs I Support multiple languages 
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