Online Learning Management Systems
All Comprehensive e-Learning System

A suite of e-learning systems packaged with the learner need in mind is the tool to deliver at the grassroots level. A symbol of convenient, affordable self-paced learning, it affords students with a chance to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels, as well as regulates intake as per individual potential. Accommodates multiple learning styles relying on wide-ranging delivery methods geared to different capabilities. A larger basket of options with 24/7 accessibility erasing geographical barriers makes for easy scheduling and opens up broader education options. Learner-friendly, attractive and convenient online systems offer benefits far beyond that of the traditional classroom.

Rain Concert’s unique Online Learning Management System (OLMS) caters to educational, administrative preferences for Corporate Learning, Schools, Colleges, and other Educational Institutions. The application allows users to manage their courses and exchange educative content and information with students for a dedicated course or for multiple courses. When integrated with facilities like Own Chat Engine, Discussion Forum, Blogs etc. the learning experience happens in a collaborative environment.

This application comes with a web-based configuration wizard, quick course-building and authoring tool, learner self-enrolment, batch registration, reporting and analysis, test results graphing, streaming video support, automated testing, virtual student lockers, searchable document libraries and much more.

Highly interactive I Learner-centric exercises, quizzes, exams I Rapid course building I e tuition module I Adaptable, flexible and scalable I User-friendly I Online collaboration I Integration of Chat Engine I Discussion forums I Blogs I Content Management Systems enabled I Rich Multimedia support I Student notebook I Video Streaming I Searchable document library updation facilities I Superb Administrative controls I Highly secured I Report generation I Student messaging and notifications I Display scores and transcripts I Assessment testing I Web-based Blended course delivery I Grading course work & Roster Processing I Virtual Learning Environment creation I Integration with performance tracking and management systems I Grouping students according to demographic units I Content Authoring & Editing I Centralized Learning Depository I Versionalizing and History I SCOM compliant I Dynamic delivery interface I Student administration tools.
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