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Different wireless devices have different specifications in terms of memory size, screen size, input methods, and computing speed and value additions. Also, vendors' software implementations might contain vendor-specific add-on APIs that leverages special underlying hardware/OS features. This diversified device market has of course, diversified development tools. Each device manufacturer has its own SDK, device emulators, and performance analysis tools. Rain Concert practices mobile application development with languages and tools like J2ME, Flash Lite, Symbian C++ and development tools such as Netbeans 6.5, Netbeans 5.5 mobility pack, Carbide C++ Borland JBuilder 7 Enterprise with Mobile Set 3, Sun Microsystems' Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Studio 4 Mobile Edition, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7, S5 Systems' jVise (based on IBM Eclipse technology), Extransat mobile interaction suite , Intellij IDEA, Carbide.j(formally Nokia developers suite for J2ME), Carbide.vs, Carbide.ui, and Attana Studio . 

Rain Concert is into the development of applications for Mobile and other wireless devices. Using the abovementioned the company has developed high-end mobile applications and tools that are used in developing mobile websites, home security devices for mobile phones, home automation devices, personalized alert systems, m-commerce applications and office applications.

Using high-end technologies I Working on multiple devices I Development of mobile websites I m-commerce applications I Office tools on mobile I Personalized Alert Systems I Games I Interactive Media I Payment systems I Scalable and user-friendly applications.

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