E-Learning & Multimedia

Web is storming the learning sector with much technological advancements. Learners of the new generation are equipped with all sort of Tech Gadgets like Portals, Game Stations, I PODs, PDAs, Mobiles etc to learn fastly, quickly, and cost effectively from an any where any time scenario. Aarthika has a strong and committed team of experts with proven track record in the development of e learning applications and using multi media effectively. Our solutions offered in developing Content and Applications for e learning is best suited for the present Knowledge Based economy. We have exemplary experience in preparing the following applications and services for the e learning sector.
  • Development e learning engines for Web Portals, PDAs and Mobiles (including I phones)
  • Content Generation, Optimisation for e learning
  • Development of Knowledge and Enterprise Information Portals
  • Development of Blogs, Social Networking Portals for education
  • Tools for mind mapping and scientific analysis of learners
  • Security tools and applications for parents to monitor the Student’s usage pattern of Technology

Animations, Games etc are very powerful and flexible medium to transform a concept to the viewers. Aarthika has proven track record and experience in creating high quality products that ranges from simple flash websites to animation presentations to sophisticated online gaming applications.

Aarthika with its design factory offers the following services and applications,
  • Flash animations
  • Interactive CD ROMs
  • E-Learning and Computer Based Tutorials
  • 2D & 3 D animations
  • Online Games
  • Development of Computer games
  • Interactive media games
  • Mathematical Games, puzzles and educational CD ROMs
  • Online Interactive presentations
  • Online Advertising with user feedback
  • Video/ audio streaming
Another important area of development in Aarthika is the serious e-gaming, which focus on the development of games and applications for educational purposes. These games are focusing on the development of social responsibility of citizens.

Serious games are generally held to be games used for training, advertising, simulation, or education. Alternate definitions include the application of games concepts, technologies and ideas to non-entertainment applications. This can also include specific hardware for video games, such as exergaming. Serious games include and are more than those intended for an audience outside of primary or secondary education. Serious games can be of any genre, use any game technology, and be developed for any platform. Some may consider them a kind of edutainment; however, the mainstay of the community are resistant to this term.
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