E-Governance Applications
Technology Empowered Government!

Governments worldwide are in rethink mode vis-à-vis systems, process and procedures in order to deliver efficient and cost effective services Online. Bridging the gap between citizens, businesses and governments adopting e-governance offers eight potential models: Government-to-Citizen (G2C); Citizen-to-Government (C2G); Government-to-Business (G2B); Business-to-Government (B2G); Government-to-Government (G2G); Government-to-Non profit (G2N); Non profit to-Government (N2G); and Government-to-Employee (G2E).

E-government, which is the result of e-governance promises the continuous optimization of Service Delivery, Public participation and Governance by transforming internal and external relationships through technology, Internet and New Media.

Rain Concert has valuable experience in e-governance practices of our country and the applications are relevant across the world. The Top Management Team with Rain Concert comes with the rewarding experience of having implemented over 25 e governance projects which include the Golden Nica winning Akshaya Project, the world’s largest Telecentre Project, FRIENDS, the one stop payment collection centre for Government, Citizen Call Centre, e payment system for Government, State Data Centre, and the ICT Centre for the Visually Challenged. International acclaim and recognition for the projects were followed up with successful global footprints.

Coming as it does with the track record of a successful stint with the Information Technology Department of the government of Kerala, to execute the ICT enabling of 1000 local bodies and 75 Government Department and Agencies, Rain Concert is equipped to develop and work for any complex project.

Expertise in large ICT projects I Using Open source and multiple technologies I Focus on Internal efficiency improvement I Service delivery to citizens is the Key I Thorough knowledge of government systems and practices I In-depth legal knowledge of procedures I Public centred approach I Award-winning team
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