Rich Internet - Desktop Applications
Stretching Towards the Limits of RIA

Browser technology has moved on to a new stage in its development with the introduction of what are known as Rich Internet Applications (RIA). RIA follows a standard software development model with rich controls that include powerful data and multimedia capability allowing us to present a rich set of information in an attractive interface.

Flash is a standard medium in this area and its scripting language action script is fastly developing into a powerful OOP language for delivering RIA. It can even handle visually enriched content with interactive 3D and live video streaming.

Team New Media at Rain Concert has the skill sets to work on applications like Games, e-learning applications, live streaming, multi user applications, live chat, and mobile games. The division is focussed on developing Multi-user games engines, Open socket server technologies such as Smart Fox Server and Red5, Advanced Action script frameworks; Desktop Web-based Applications with AIR, Action script frameworks like Flex, deploying and integrating Flash content with PHP, JavaScript and RDBMS etc.

We have developed Live Chat applications with Open socket servers, Advanced Game Engines for Sudoku and Online Chess, Custom Jigsaw puzzles, Flip book engine using images, swf, or video in the page, Interactive 3 D environments in Paper Vision 3 D and Collada models, Virtual blackboards capable of Online Tutor system with live video streaming, GIS application using Map API of Google, U Map, application on weather information using XML feed from various agencies are a select few.

Accessibility of data to Search Engines and Web I Advanced communications with supporting servers to improve user experience I Complex advanced solutions can make them more difficult to design, develop, deploy and debug than traditional web applications I Consistency of user interface and experience controlled across operating systems I Faster Installation and Maintenance I Offline mode possible I Improved Security I Performance enhanced depending on the application I Rich features

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