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Web Application Development
Web applications are designed for positioning a business enterprise in the cyber space or for selling articles, enhancing social interactions, marketing service or for communication purpose. We have solutions and proven track record in all most all the areas of web development. Our Web application development process has broadly 4 phases:   1. Envisioning the nature and direction of the project   2. Devising the plan   3. Development   4. Testing, support
Enterprise Mobile Solutions
Maximum Mobility! Different wireless devices have different specifications in terms of memory size, screen size, input methods, and computing speed and value additions. Also, vendors' software implementations might contain vendor-specific add-on APIs that leverages special underlying hardware/OS features. This diversified device market has of course, diversified development tools. Each device manufacturer has its own SDK, device emulators, and performance analysis tools. Rain Concert practic
E-Governance Applications
Technology Empowered Government!Governments worldwide are in rethink mode vis-à-vis systems, process and procedures in order to deliver efficient and cost effective services Online. Bridging the gap between citizens, businesses and governments adopting e-governance offers eight potential models: Government-to-Citizen (G2C); Citizen-to-Government (C2G); Government-to-Business (G2B); Business-to-Government (B2G); Government-to-Government (G2G); Government-to-Non profit (G2N); Non profit to-
Rich Internet - Desktop Applications
Stretching Towards the Limits of RIABrowser technology has moved on to a new stage in its development with the introduction of what are known as Rich Internet Applications (RIA). RIA follows a standard software development model with rich controls that include powerful data and multimedia capability allowing us to present a rich set of information in an attractive interface.Flash is a standard medium in this area and its scripting language action script is fastly developing into a powerful OOP l
Games Development - Web & Mobile
Responsible Gaming ! New Media Division of Rain Concert is into the development of web-based multi-user games, Mobile and Standalone Games. Apart from entertainment games, the company has entered into developing games with a moral value which is a fast growing segment. Youngsters are now discouraged from playing violent games. On the other hand, world wide there is a trend for promoting serious, social responsibility games to have a positive educational and moral impact on today’s youth. T
Software Development & Consulting
Our software development process includes all the best practices to design, develop and implement applications and solutions as per the client requirement. Software development consulting services will be delivered with utmost quality on time and within budget. We help several companies across the U.S. and worldwide to implement software engineering best practices that are best-suited for their needs.Our Solutions collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance. Our professio
E-Learning & Multimedia
E-LearningWeb is storming the learning sector with much technological advancements. Learners of the new generation are equipped with all sort of Tech Gadgets like Portals, Game Stations, I PODs, PDAs, Mobiles etc to learn fastly, quickly, and cost effectively from an any where any time scenario. Aarthika has a strong and committed team of experts with proven track record in the development of e learning applications and using multi media effectively. Our solutions offered in developing Content a
Internet Marketing & Content Development
Internet Omnipresence TechniquesSearch Engines outperform all other media in driving visitors to websites with 85% of Internet users citing search engines as the primary method to find websites. Traffic from search engines is the most valuable as it comprises of qualified visitors actively looking for a product, service information or solution. Search engines are also working for you non-stop 24/7. 93% of users don’t look further than the first 2 pages of search results. Most prefer to use
Social Networking Applications
Create Powerful Social Networking PortalsIn today’s world, Community Networking through borderless platforms like Orkut, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and many such, are assets to the community for the invaluable collaborative content generated. Generic and specialised communities going beyond business groups and geographies seek access to the latest in technology and applications. Assured revenues generated from advertisements and spin off programmes ensure investors and users.Rain Concert&
Collaborative Video Sharing Platforms
Intense Interactions Enabled by Videos!Videos on Internet offer countless entertainment options for the typical web user. Rain Concert offers advanced Video Sharing Portal. We create unique user experience by leveraging the increasing popularity of Web 2.0 and higher platforms, increased penetration of mobile phones. A vibrant video sharing platform is the answer for user sharing, via mobile handset or PC, a wide range of content – from video clips and photographs to blogs and music.Rain C
Online Learning Management Systems
All Comprehensive e-Learning SystemA suite of e-learning systems packaged with the learner need in mind is the tool to deliver at the grassroots level. A symbol of convenient, affordable self-paced learning, it affords students with a chance to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels, as well as regulates intake as per individual potential. Accommodates multiple learning styles relying on wide-ranging delivery methods geared to different capabil
Web Based CRM Applications
Better Relations!! Better Business Customer Relationship Management facilitates business enterprises to interact in hassle-free environment with a customer service base embracing technology-enabled processes and practices. CRM software is integral to CRM strategy with modules which include, Lead Tracking and Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, Management Information Systems, Call Centre, Internet-based Marketing Module. Successful deployment of CRM solution is the recipe fo
Web Based ERP Applications
Performance OptimizedOn offer is an Online ERP solution best suited for the Small and Medium Companies requirements which meets the core objectives of cost saving, customer service, production control and financial discipline for better business results.Our single database driven ERP application contains all data for software modules including the modules on Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials of the company, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Man
E-Commerce Applications
Start Selling Online!Open your Online store. An easy-to-use system which calls for no special skills or programming knowledge to manage the affairs. The two major components, the Client part and the Administrative part allow the visitors to browse and view the products listed in the Online store. Select products, add to the shopping cart and make payments online using credit cards or other payment options. Powerful administrative tools allow creating stores, adding more products to the store, an
Webcasting Applications
Air Anything…..In the age of Internet and mobile revolution webcasting applications are top of the rung priority for the dynamic corporate world and Educational institutions. Sharing information, Streaming Video or Audio over the Internet in any format – PPT, Video or Audio – allow user participation, live broadcasts and instant access to the participant. Interactive dialogue mode, participate in online surveys, online product demos and launches give robustness to conferences,
Home Services Portal
Entire Services Online!Online Home Services Portal combines all that is required to provide support to a home. Online payment of bills, registering for the Service Personnel requirement in Housekeeping, Security, Plumbing, Electricity, Gardening is offered through this portal. We can search for the alternatives to provide support as well. In the portal there will be an option to register for the Service Providers. Payment of bills to various government departments/ agencies is another option pro
Innovative Solutions in health Care
Tele health and more….With the growing concerns over health of individual and communities, the healthcare domain is a sunrise segment rapidly adopting the potential of web to reach out, at an even more aggressive manner. The Web provides ample tools and technologies for the Online consultancy, tele-medicine, tele-health etc. The appropriate interface for the healthcare experts and those seeking the expertise is a key factor in increasing the reliability of such applications. A major area
Hotel Reservation System
Anytime Anywhere Reservations!Our Hotel Reservation System is a simple but comprehensive application that would help the Hotel Management to receive booking online. Customers of the hotel can reserve rooms and facilities on an ‘anywhere any time’ basis and accept real time payment through credit card or through other internet banking solutions. This application can be integrated with all leading Online Payment Service Providers.We have a successful track record in implementing this a
Education Blogs
Website for All!Blogs are of increasing relevance in Education because social interactions mediated by language (but not restricted to language), offer students the opportunity to express their ideas on a social plane. Edublogs empower individuals to participate in social construction of knowledge. Blogging supports the internalisation of knowledge by allowing students to re-view archived posts and reflect on what they have written and the comments provided by their peers or teachers. Blogs are
Chat Engine Development
All New Chat Engine from Rain Concert!Rain Concert has expertise in developing Chat Engines with Multiple features. A chat engine can be easily plugged into any existing site. This application will be useful for any community which desires its own chat facility / Networking with members.The application grants the Administrator ultimate control over the system and is therefore best suited for educational community, corporate world, alumni associations and religious Institutions.Advanced Protectio
Content Management Systems
Self Content Uploading Portals for all!Rain Concert’s Content Management System (CMS) consists of two elements – the Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA). The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML), to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without the expertise of a Webmaster. The CDA element uses and compiles that information to update the Web
Classified Portals
End to End Buying and Selling!Rain Concert’s Classified Portal Development helps the customers to launch End-to-end service of Online Classified business to sellers and buyers. This application allows users both to list and search for items in various categories. Classified Portals are a powerful present day tool to launch services on Internet. Increased reach, convenience, and access to technology generate revenues for business ventures. The shift from traditional print based classified m
Online Auction Portals
Auction Unlimited!Rain Concert is into the development of a feature packed online Auction Software Application developed with complete PHP software. Being Search Engine Optimized ensures a trusted buying and selling platform. This application permits smooth integration with any site / portal. This application can successfully launch any auctioneer into a profitable Online e-business.Online Auction Software application comes with advanced capabilities of Customization, Scalability, Upgradation an
Online Quiz-Examination Engine
Easy and Hassle Free Assessment of Skills!Use of Online quiz programmes and Online examinations / assessment test engines have been adopted in schools to test their students on an ‘anywhere any time’ basis. Almost all the professional examinations are now offered Online. Online examination module reduces the administrative part of examinations, and results get valuated in real time. The Online certification engine supports any language, all subjects, and places no restriction on the
Interactive Discussion Forum
Discussions Real Time!An Internet forum, or message board, is an Online discussion application which has replaced the traditional bulletin board. From a technological standpoint, forums or boards are web applications managing user-generated content.Rain Concert’s Interactive Discussion Forum Application software can be integrated to the existing website or to a standalone web 2.0 or higher platforms. Apart from regular users it offers immense scope for networking within business communitie
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