Delivery Framework

Our development team adopts project methodology clearly based on project type and client requirements. We have used the following methodologies across different projects:

•    Waterfall and Iterative development cycles
•    Prototyping model
•    RUP and Use case modeling
•    Rapid Application Development

We collaborate closely with our clients to identify the best fit for the project.

Over the years, experience and constant refinement of activities, have aided in mastering the processes, methodologies, approach, attitude and facilities needed to overcome the challenges of operating offshore software development teams to deliver a 24 x 7 support to clients across the globe. We specialize in reducing costs for our customers and improving productivity, reliability, quality, speed and agility.

We always work to be a preferred destination for every offshore outsourcing search and never lose sight of customer delight as our propellant. Most of our testimonials, protected by Non Disclosure Agreements, remain an eloquent tribute to the effectiveness of our outsourcing services. We have experienced greatest brand recall rates, and maintain long term relationship with our clients. We always try and adjust to the needs of clients in delivery. A clear delivery framework is deployed before actual start of the project.
In a standard Outsourcing Model approach, all the activities mentioned below are executed almost every time:

•    Initial Study/Understanding the client's requirements by a Business Analyst
•    Technology preference/assessment/suggestion by a Enterprise technology research Group
•    Estimation of Time and Investment by a Techno-Commercial Team
•    Closing the Contract
•    Project Transition - Kickoff & Planning
•    Development and Project Management by Project Team headed by a Project Manager
•    Testing / QA Cycles
•    Reviews
•    User Acceptance Test
•    Release and Version Control
•    Maintenance and Support Plan


Key components of our methodology:

•    High availability of skilled and trained resources
•    Assured Quality  and working to Deadlines
•    Swift scalability of trained resources
•    Dedicated On-site, near shore and outsourcing teams
•    Strong Project Management capabilities
•    Web-based project tracking & management tools
•    Total transparency
•    Rigorous quality management. 

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